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It's the nature of our club to always make it as difficult as we can for our supporters. I think I need a triple bypass.

Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager, after 1-1 draw against Internazionale.

I didn't see it go in. I'd fainted by that time.

Ferguson on Paul Scholes' equaliser.

I'd play anyone now. Melchester Rovers, it doesn't matter who.

Ferguson on the semi-final draw.

I scored what I saw when I saw it. What I saw that night is not what the cameras saw. They were at a different angle.

Boxing judge Eugenia Williams, giving evidence to state Senate Committee on Investigations.

Lennox Lewis would have beaten Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was too small to compete against today's heavyweights.

Frank Maloney, Lewis's manager.

There are 120 million people in Nigeria. They eat, they drink, they make love, they make children, they play football - and they don't die more than in other countries.

Fifa general secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen on the worries of Premiership clubs about their players going to next month's World Under- 20 Championship.

If my son got picked, I would hope I could persuade him not to go.

Coventry manager Gordon Strachan on the World Under-20 Championship.