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Some drivers will not let others through because they have long memories. But there are others who lack grey matter and simply don't care.

Ron Dennis on Formula 1 back-markers.

I hope they win the treble. Just because I'm 50 and I'm now at Blackburn you can't take 49 and a half years of affection of Man Utd away from me.

Brian Kidd, manager of relegated Blackburn, after the draw against United.

If Schmeichel can do it, I can do it.

Jimmy Glass, Carlisle's on-loan goalkeeper whose goal against Plymouth kept them in the League.

I told them if they signed for Man Utd they'd have to keep their shirts in the garage.

Marcus Walmsley, Leeds fan, whose eight-year-old twins, Marcus and Edward, turned down Man Utd in favour of Leeds.