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As captain, my style has been to have an open dressing-room where players are able to believe in their own ability and not be fazed by the international environment. Alec Stewart, England's cricket captain, explains his recipe for success against South Africa in his first series.

It's simple arithmetic. The more appeals there are, the more there are likely to be mistakes. Barrie Dudleston, cricket umpire, offers a partial explanation for the apparent decline in umpiring standards.

They are the people who hide in the corner with half a pint of bitter and who ruin rugby in this country. Dick Best, once coach of England and now directing London Irish's fortunes, on rugby union referee assessors.

I have always believed that, if rugby league won't work in Gateshead, it won't work anywhere. Kath Hetherington, a partner in Gateshead's bid for membership of the Super League, gets all theatrical.

He was never a gangster and he was never stabbed. Sung Yong Kil, the manager of the young woman golfing sensation, Se Ri Pak, dismisses a racy newspaper description of her father.