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There's not much chance of me being a page three girl, maybe a page eight. I can't be a pin-up cause I've got no tits. But just because you are a boxer and a woman doesn't mean you are a monster with two heads.

Jane Couch, after winning Britain's first women's professional boxing match.

If women want to put on make-up or dance around their handbags, they should be able to. But they should be free to box too. Couch.

If they want to go and get someone better for this job, then let them.

Roy Hodgson, Blackburn Rovers manager, before losing to Southampton and being sacked the next day.

Wake up England - Italy is not dead. Our place is in the Five Nations.

Massimo Giovanelli, Italy's RU captain, after losing 23-15 to England.

People expect that because I can spin a cricket ball, I know who will win next year's AFL pennant, who'll win next year's Melbourne Cup and what the solutions to the Middle East and Indonesian crises are. It's a shallow world's wholly warped sense of priorities and it's very depressing.

Shane Warne.