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Perhaps we gave our fans too much by winning the Double. Once you've eaten caviar, it is difficult to go back to sausages.

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager, after a dull draw against Middlesbrough.

If he's saying that we'll have to get used to sausages then surely they should charge us sausage prices. Sausages are a lot cheaper than caviar.

Alan Esparza, of the Arsenal Action Group.

We were happy to come off 6-0 at half-time. It should have been 10.

Peter Jackson, Huddersfield manager, after his team's 7-1 defeat to Barnsley.

I haven't heard of anyone betting at this club. We couldn't do that at Wimbledon - not on the wages we get paid.

Kenny Cunningham, on reports that the Dons have bet on themselves to win the Worthington Cup.

I am still a better player than any of the people they have used since I stopped playing.

John McEnroe on the US Davis Cup doubles pairs.

Tim Henman's a very nice guy and a very good player but he has that comfortable, middle-class look about him. The only English player who seems gutsy enough is Greg Rusedski, and that shows what I mean, because he's Canadian.

Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champion.