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At no stage did Wiseman accept that what he had done was wrong. He never said sorry and maintained that he had behaved correctly throughout.

Senior FA official on the meeting at which Graham Kelly resigned as chief executive and Keith Wiseman refused to as chairman.

When the full council met, the front row of the room was known as death row.

Senior FA official, following the Kelly's resignation, on the aged FA Council.

The very fabric of the great game is being damaged.

Jagmohan Dalmiya, International Cricket Council president, on the match- fixing scandal.

It is important to do well at sport but remember it is only a sport that we are talking about. It is not as if someone has declared war on us.

Tony Banks, Sports Minister, on England's defeat in the third Test.

It's always been the same here: if you lose they give you funny looks all the time..

Graham Gooch, England manager, after the third Test.

The reason fans abuse me is because they are jealous of me.David Beckham, of Manchester United and England.

You know what I do when I'm right. I put people in body bags.

Mike Tyson.