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I've been written off more times than Damon

Hill's cars

European featherweight champion Billy Hardy prepares to defend his title against Paul Ingle.

I feel like you do when you get out of a car crash. You think you're OK, then your legs go to jelly. I'm in shock.

Gordon Strachan, Coventry manager, after the 5-1 home defeat to Newcastle.

Just boom! Like an assassin.

Emmanuel Petit's instruction to his Arsenal team-mate, Nicolas Anelka, on how to end his scoring drought, before the 3-0 win over Manchester United, in which Anelka scored.

Their manager and coaches said they don't know how we're bottom. I'd rather they said, `You're absolutely crap,' and we came away with the three points.

Jake King, manager of the League's bottom club, Shrewsbury, after defeat at Darlington.

I was glad to see the back of him, waving his bloody hands about all over the place. What's the point of that?

Roy, of Australian comedy duo, Roy and HG, interviewing Alec Stewart on Channel 5, on the recently retired umpire, Dickie Bird.

Hide couldn't sell out his own living room.

Frank Maloney, boxing promoter, on the World Boxing Organisation world champion, Herbie Hide.

Frank Maloney is a mental midget who doesn't know what he is talking about. [Lennox] Lewis and I share the same lawyer and I know exactly how much Maloney gets paid. My dog handler makes more money than he does. So if he wants he can come round to my home and clean my dogs. He would probably make more money doing that.

Hide bites back.

Flo-Jo never failed a drugs test, and you can't make a Grand National winner out of a cart horse.

Wilf Paish, athletics coach, on the controversial career of Florence Griffith Joyner, who died of a heart seizure this week.