Quotes of the Week

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The club is going to rack and ruin. I feel powerless and impotent. I have been in the changing-rooms, I saw the dejected players. It was the classic image of the defeated and broken team. This is the worst season in the history of Atletico Madrid. Jesus Gil, chairman of relegation-threatened Atletico Madrid.

It would seem more appropriate to ask for the criminal records of players, rather than reporters, given the shenanigans of some of them. George Freeman, New York Times lawyer, on his paper's refusal to supply security details with journalists' World Cup accreditations.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways and I have maybe got to accept that it is not His will that I play in what would have been the biggest match of my life. Ian Wright, on missing the Cup-Winners' final after booking.

I wouldn't be surprised if he came on holiday with us. Glendryth Woosnam, Ian's wife, on John Daly, with whom her husband has played around 12 rounds of tournament golf in the last year.

It's the longest relationship I've ever had. Daly.