Quotes of the Week

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You don't get anything for fighting outside the ring, but he compromised my manhood. No man is going to lay his hands on me. I don't regret it, I'm a man first and a boxer second. Michael Bentt, the WBO heavyweight boxing champion, after a shameful street brawl with his challenger, Herbie Hide.

He turned round and whacked me, I went in a puddle, but it was a fall more than the force of the blow. Hide gets scientific afterwards.

It is a victory for people power. Branfoot has taken the team nowhere and it'll be three years before we are back to the point at which he came in. Because of his arrogant attitude he never built up a rapport with fans. No one will be sorry to see him go. Clive Foley, a spokesman for the Southampton Independent Supporters' Association, on the resignation of the football club's manager, Ian Branfoot.

It's a wonderful club, full of wonderful people. Branfoot.

It's all about feel. I don't think I've got any. Karl Woodward, a 43-year-old Merseysider, officially the longest driver of a golf ball in the world, who aims to gain his card on the US Satellite Tour this year.