Quotes of the Week

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I lost the bloody match - but what a way to go. Martina Navratilova, beaten women's finalist at Wimbledon in her farewell season.

You could put down a clay court, I suppose. Pete Sampras, Wimbledon champion, suggests a way of slowing down the grass game.

I like the Dutch. We've had some great games. If anyone had to put us out, I'm glad it's the Dutch. Jack Charlton, Ireland manager.

They killed me, just when I wanted to prove to my two daughters that I can play with 20-year-olds. Football is over for me forever. I'm a former player now. Diego Maradona.

This was the greatest day for Romania since the revolution. To defeat Argentina was something magnificent. Anghel Iodanescu, the Romania coach.

It is good that we lost with dignity. Alfio Basile, Argentina's coach.

I heard it on the ambulance receiver, and I feel like nothing's wrong any more. Romanian man who jumped from his ambulance in his pyjamas when he heard the result of Romania v Argentina.