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He tries that shot all the time in training. That's the first time I've seen it go in. Jack Charlton, Ireland manager, on Ray Houghton's winner against Italy.

We see the Italians on Sunday-morning television most days of the week. Charlton.

Maybe the next match we will lose. It doesn't matter. We came here to entertain people who pay money to watch football. Clemens Westerhof, coach of Nigeria, after the 3-0 win over Bulgaria.

Keep the TV down low. Don't shout loudly or applaud. People's Daily, Chinese paper, gives advice on late-night World Cup watching.

Either you mean what you say or you crack jokes - and Fifa never cracks jokes. Guido Tognoni, Fifa spokesman, on the disciplinary crackdown.

We could not have played this badly if we'd set out to. It is a shame the laws only allow two substitutions otherwise I would have replaced all 11 players for the second half. We just basically stunk out the field. Francisco Maturana, Colombian coach, after defeat to US.

It's Choke-mont at Oakmont. Spectator at US Open, after Colin Montgomerie three-putted in the final round.

It doesn't hurt to lose my crown, it hurts to lose. Steffi Graf, after defeat to Lori McNeil.

I think the applause was that much longer because they know it's my last year. They'd get pretty pissed off if I came back next year. Martina Navratilova.