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Mr Jones attracted a lot of the gate money. Mr Justice Drake, judge in the Elliott-Saunders case, on Vinnie Jones's departure from the witness box followed by general exodus.

He's given enough in his time. He has to be able to take it and he can't have any complaints. John Joyner, Castleford's coach, on Wigan's Kelvin Skerrett who sustained a double fracture of his jaw in Sunday's Stones Bitter Premiership final.

We keep trying but it is always engaged. I think they have left the phone off the hook. Steffi Graf on her attempts to reach Jennifer Capriati at her drug rehab clinic.

I can tell you the secret . . . but then I have to kill you. Jim Courier to a journalist who asked about his psychological preparation.

The game is getting faster and foul play is becoming more of a problem. Subbuteo spokesman on bringing in red and yellow cards.

The delegation of 41 people will travel on a DC-10 big enough for 232. If they all want to sit by the window, there won't be a problem. Brazilian pundit on fuss over who gets window seats on the World Cup flight.