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He asked, 'Do you want me to go through the airport back home first, with you at the back watching?' Sally Gunnell on Linford Christie's motivational words before her world record-breaking 400m hurdles victory in Stuttgart.

If it takes a world record to win, Sally will run a world record. Bruce Longen, Gunnell's coach, before the final.

Ron says it was slack in the middle. Christie on coach Ron Roddan's verdict on his performance in winning the 100m in Stuttgart.

Now everyone knows I'm the best. I've got nothing else to prove. Christie.

Does a Serb talk to a Croat? Lawrie Sanchez, of Wimbledon, asked whether he was now talking to John Fashanu following their training punch-up.

I don't want my players behaving like poofters - I want them to be men. Dave Bassett, Sheffield Utd manager, on his player Tom Cowan, accused of overreacting to a push by Manchester Utd's Roy Keane.

A coach is like a winemaker: he must produce the best wine with the grapes he has available. Fabio Capello, Milan's coach, on life after Gullit and Rijkaard.