Quotes of the week

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I used to quite like turnips. But now my wife refuses to serve them. Graham Taylor.

The only way I'll get in the team is if I get the job myself. Peter Beardsley on his chances of an England recall under a new manager.

I'm not Zorro nor the Archangel coming down from the heavens. Michel Hidalgo, former French football coach, offering to return following his country's World Cup elimination.

Welcome home. Brummie Reds always look on the bright side of life. Banner by Birmingham branch of Man Utd Supporters' Club in greeting to five members released from Istanbul jail.

I'm 33. What do you want? That I continue playing until I'm 50? I'm getting on, and the idea of picking up injuries scares me. Diego Maradona.

Death threats against me are one thing but when supporters will sink to the depths of involving an 87-year-old woman I think the time has come to take action. Peter Swales on his resignation as Manchester City chairman following an incident in his mother's nursing home.

There is a danger that this injury could finish Gary's career. John Uzzell's career (at Torquay) was finished by an elbow and this is the worst injury I've ever seen. Nobody deserves to have to have an injury such as this. Ossie Ardiles, Tottenham manager, on Gary Mabbutt's injury caused by John Fashanu's challenge.