Quotes of the Week

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They will be remembered mostly as a dirty side. That is sad for them but they deserve it. Some of their play has been beyond the conventions we obey and I feel sad about the damage they have done to rugby's image. Will Carling, England captain, on the All Blacks.

We are not a dirty side and we are very upset with a bloke like Carling coming out with all these things. Sean Fitzpatrick, All Blacks captain.

Howard's decision is for the best. The team has been more charitable than Oxfam this season. Peter Parry, Everton Shareholders' Association chairman, on Howard Kendall's resignation as manager.

It was like dipping your hand into a firework box and pulling out one with no label, lighting it and standing back in wonder. Kevin Keegan, Newcastle manager, after Peter Beardsley's two goals at Tottenham.

I don't know whether we'll see the old Gazza again. I do know I wouldn't risk a big fee to find out. Trevor Francis, Sheffield Wednesday manager.