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I'd rather watch them on Ceefax. Gary Lineker on Wimbledon.

That sums the geezer up. He's not worth two bob - what an arsehole. Do you look at a blind man in the street and kick him in the bollocks because his resources are less than yours? Joe Kinnear, Wimbledon manager, on Lineker.

Joe was too mild. The man is a coward. Sam Hammam, Wimbledon chairman.

He made with his backside what I can only describe as a bad whisper. Maurizio Salticchioli, Italian reporter, on Paul Gascoigne's latest indiscretion, in a Turin hotel lobby.

It's two-a-side in training. Peter Reid, Manchester City's player-manager, on the Maine Road injury crisis.

All I can do is tell the boys to do their jobs and run like the devil. Giorgi Leoni, San Marino manager.