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I'm going to take the phone off the hook and pull down the blinds. I have never been to a bar and I can't stand the taste of alcohol. Pete Sampras, Wimbledon champion.

When she started to smile and said, 'Jana, I believe you will do it. I know that you will do it, don't worry,' I just let go. Jana Novotna on the Duchess of Kent's solicitude after defeat to Steffi Graf in the women's singles final.

I was happy for the first few seconds after the match. But then I saw her (Novotna). Graf.

We are young and arrogant. Martin McCague, England bowler, on the new Test recruits.

I've got nothing against the Ryder Cup. I'd like to be in the team but I'm not going to bash my brains out to do it. Sandy Lyle.

It doesn't scare me. I'm not afraid to die. Payne Stewart, American golfer, on his heart condition.

I know for a fact that the Silverstone attendance will be considerably down on last year because I'm not driving. Nigel Mansell on tomorrow's British Grand Prix.

Ossie had better win us the Premier League - that's what we have taken him on for. In fact, the deal is to win the League, win the FA Cup, the Coca-Cola Cup, and then the European Cup. Other than that he doesn't have to do much. Alan Sugar, Tottenham chairman, on his new manager, Osvaldo Ardiles.