Quotes of the week

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I'm bitterly disappointed and shocked . . . What I can not understand is that the other team wanted to win more. Graham Taylor, England manager, after 2-0 defeat in Norway.

They gave up in the last 20 minutes. I never thought I'd see an England team do that. Egil Olsen, Norway manager.

It acted as a great inspiration to us, looking at the team sheet, knowing England had changed all their tactics. Erik Thorstvedt, Norway goalkeeper.

More players were interested in creating war in that first half than playing football. Players were running round like headless chickens. Taylor on the 1-1 draw with Poland.

I woke up this morning and saw all the headlines like 'Taylor - you're a loser'. I thought, 'Oh no, they haven't started on me already, have they?' Mark Taylor, Australian batsman.

He was absolutely drunk. His tongue came out and he started to roll. Pat Eddery, rider of Tenby, the Derby favourite who came in 10th.

In the past when people ran up to you it was, 'Oh my God, they want autographs'. Now it's, 'Oh my God, what do they want? Do they have a pen or a knife in their hand?' It's pretty rough. Martina Navratilova on the reverberations of the Seles stabbing.

I'm going to find a club where I can have an easy life. Diego Maradona, deciding not to renew his Seville contract.