Quotes of the Week

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I cried in the locker room. And Seve Ballesteros cried with me. Costantino Rocca, whose defeat to Davis Love III in Sunday's singles helped Europe lose the Ryder Cup to the United States.

Italy cost us two world wars. Now they have cost us the Ryder Cup. German spectator on Rocca's defeat.

You can blame me. I tried my best. But it was not to be. I am sorry. Ballesteros, who lost to Jim Gallagher.

The finest experience I've ever had in golf. Tom Watson, the US captain.

There's no temptation to go on. Alain Prost, world F1 champion, announces his retirement on the day of his fourth title.

I want the world to know I have never sold one black market ticket in my life. They can all come - the local constabulary, the Fraud Squad and the chaps from Scotland Yard. Brian Clough, after allegations on World in Action.

The police are looking at the books of the ticket office. We didn't bring the police in to look at Brian Clough. Irving Korn, Forest vice-chairman.

I'll carry on until I'm 96, then I might have four years' retirement. Jenny Pitman, racing trainer, 47.