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It didn't help being intoxicated for five days in a row after Wimbledon. Andre Agassi after losing in straight sets to Kevin Curren in his first post-Wimbledon tournament.

It's a great win, one of the best of my life. McEnroe is one of the people I've looked up to since I was young. Jeremy Bates after beating John McEnroe for the first time.

Nigel was in another world so when he got past me I forgot about him. Riccardo Patrese, Nigel Mansell's team-mate, on the opening stages of the British Grand Prix.

I did that for the fans. They deserved a bit of a show. They gave me an extra 300 revs blowing me along. Mansell, on lowering the lap record yet again on the 57th of 59 laps.

It frightened me. We were still at racing speed. Brundle on the track invasion when Mansell crossed the finishing line.

Yes, dad, I have had a few drinks but I won the bloody championship. Honest. Peter O'Malley, phoning Australia after winning the Scottish Open.

It was not a plane, it was a rocket. Laurent Fignon, on being overtaken by Miguel Indurain during a stage in the Tour de France.

I knew I couldn't take any more when, one day in training, a player shouted 'feet' meaning that's where he wanted the ball - and he was punished by being made to do 40 press-ups. Steve Claridge, the Cambridge striker, has no regrets at leaving for Luton.