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He'll be the first person I buy a drink tonight. Neil Mallender, after Mike Atherton had taken the catch that claimed his first Test wicket.

I was a bit of a wreck. I was absolutely shocked, absolutely gone. Nick Faldo on the climax to his Open triumph.

The horrible pressure of it. If it had ended up wrong what the hell would that have meant to me? I'd have needed a very big plaster to cover that up. I think I'd have become a professional fisherman. Faldo.

It was like climbing a bloody mountain. The worst thing was the build-up. I wanted to take my head off and put it to one side. It wears you to a frazzle. Faldo.

That is usually a pretty comfortable three-iron shot for me and as soon as I hit the ball I knew it was too much club. Absolutely, I gave away the championship. John Cook on the 18th hole.

It was a young referee putting the wrong interpretation on the way we play. It was just good, hard tackling. John Beck, manager of Cambridge United, after two of his players were sent off in the first game of the club's pre-season tour of Sweden.

We'd price Italian football at pounds 200,000 and that's based on two years' experience of showing it. It's a sideshow, a circus and to pay pounds 1.2m is a disgraceful waste of money. We could out-perform it with Hungarian volleyball. Gary Davey, BSky'sB deputy MD, on Channel 4's plan to show live Serie A football in competition to the satellite station's pounds 304m Premier League coverage.