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I abhor the use of drugs in sport. I'm devastated. The test result must have been a mistake. Jason Livingston, after testing positive for anabolic steroids.

There are at least three or four people out there who knew what he was doing. We can't say Jason's the only bad guy. We have got to get the whole house in order. Daley Thompson.

Why arrange a test three weeks before to make sure that nobody on dope went to the Games, and then announce it right in the middle? Is someone trying to crucify Britain? Wally Holland, British weightlifting team manager.

You could solve most of the world's problems tomorrow if people would ride bicycles. Mike Burrows, designer of the Windcheetah bicycle on which Chris Boardman won an Olympic gold medal.

It had nothing to do with the bike. He rode superbly - tonight he would have beaten me on a ladies' bike. Jens Lehmann, beaten by Boardman.

We're not here to make friends. We're here to beat them. We have a saying back in Utah: 'The Indians did not dine with Custer'. John Stockton, of the US basketball team, on their refusal to stay in the Olympic village.

I slept not a wink. There's people snoring in seven languages. Irish journalist on cramped conditions.

Well at least people don't shoot at you here. Antun Vrdoljak, Croatian national Olympic Committee chairman.