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It's up to him to change. I wasn't the one fired by Ferrari . . . I know I am a far better and more courageous racer than Alain will ever be if he's in Formula One for another 10 years. Nigel Mansell on the prospect of Alain Prost joining Williams.

He's still not a great driver like Fangio, Clark or Senna. Stirling Moss on Mansell.

I have no regrets. I'd do it again. Louis Luyt, president of Transvaal Rugby Union, who ordered the Afrikaner anthem to be sung at last week's rugby match between South Africa and New Zealand.

The white community is not prepared to accept the hand of reconciliation. Rugby fans deserve to be punished. Steve Tshwete, ANC sports spokesman, on the Luyt affair.

The three H's - Hack, Hooligan and Hallucination - must apply to the British Media. Letter to the Asian Times on press criticisms of Pakistan.

He has no skills and no brains. The prerequisites for fighting Evander Holyfield are that you be over 40, or a drunk, derelict or drug addict. Don King, boxing promoter, on the world heavyweight champion.

A little mutant monstrosity that was born in the toxic dump of somebody's imagination. Los Angeles Times on 1996 Olympic mascot, Whatizit.