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To say that I have been badly treated, is, I think, a gross understatement. Nigel Mansell on his relations with Williams after announcing his decision to retire from Formula One.

Nigel's decision is premature. The mechanics are torpedoed. But the sun will rise again tomorrow. We won't be panicking over a second driver. Statement by the Williams team.

I am aware of criticisms made of my approach to racing. But I am the way I am because I believe in total sacrifice, a total ability to withstand pain and a total belief in myself and my ability. Mansell.

People hang on his every word and he thinks he is a superstar. In fact, he is just a lot richer and a bit quicker than he was four years ago when he joined us. Frank Williams on Mansell.

In our system we practise mistakes because we just play and play, and that breeds crisis football and crisis management. Howard Wilkinson, Leeds manager, after 3-0 defeat to Stuttgart.

Beating them isn't special anymore. Brian Gayle, of Sheffield United, after 1-0 win over Liverpool.

This is not World War III. Pat Rielly, captain of United States team in PGA Cup, the club professionals' Ryder Cup.

The final score at Filbert Street was 0-0 but the par here at Sunningdale is 70 and anything under that will mean a score in the 60s. Steve Rider, Grandstand.