Quotes of the Week

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If Prost wants to come back he should do it so we can all race each other equally, not in a cowardly way. It is like being in a 100m race. He wants to race in running shoes but he wants the rest of us to wear lead shoes. Ayrton Senna on Alain Prost's return to Formula One.

I guess it's local time that counts. Jonathan Edwards, the triple jumper who refuses to compete on the Sabbath, after his event at the World Cup in Cuba had taken place on a Sunday, British time.

If you're going over the top on me you've got to put me out of the game because I'll be coming back for you, whether it's in the next five minutes or next season. Vinny Jones in a video glorifying violence and cheating in football.

He must be a 'mosquito brain' to say that. Sam Hammam, the Wimbledon chairman, on Jones.

Glenn Lazarus is a mean player. He wouldn't give a blind duck a push into the pond. Steve Roach, the former Australian rugby league international, on his fellow forward's play in the Grand Final between Brisbane and St George.

He'll be talking about his favourite subject, football. BSkyB official on David Mellor's role in today's 'Sports Saturday' show.

They are just not good enough. Abie Malan on why the South African rugby union squad he manages contains no black players.

Football hasn't changed in 18 months. The ball is not square and they haven't come up with any robots. Diego Maradona, after ending a 15-month ban for drug use.

If a mistake like that happened in a commercial organisation the board would be fired straight away. Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder, Stuttgart's president, after his club fielded an ineligible player in the European Cup against Leeds.