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Football's like life sometimes. You don't always get your just rewards - sometimes it kicks you in the teeth. Graham Taylor, England manager, on Norway's World Cup equaliser.

He says what he feels, and his language at times leaves you thinking: 'Oh my God'. That's Gascoigne. The downside helps to make these people what they are - the Gascoignes and the Bothams. Taylor on Gazza.

I agree with everything they say. Gascoigne on the adulatory headlines after the match.

It didn't hurt. I've got a thick head. Mick Whitelay, who scored with a 59-yard header for Blue Light against the Gardener's Arms in a local Yorkshire league.

There's only one United - Carlisle United. Michael Knighton, Carlisle chairman, who tried to take over Manchester United.

The finest exhibition of stroke-making I have ever seen. Nick Price, after semi-final defeat to Nick Faldo in the World Match Play.

The umpire should be taken out and shot. Jimmy Connors, after defeat to Gilad Bloom in which he argued with the umpire over a burst ball.

I feel like a prat dancing round in my underwear. Juli Avery, at the British Bodybuilding Championships.

If I see them nudging each other, I'll go up and say 'Oh my God, I've turned into a man.' Kimberley-Anne Jones, bodybuilder, on being the object of attention in nightclubs.