Quotes of the Week

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I had to decide whether to avoid upsetting referees or to see whether I was free over Christmas to visit Gary Blissett in jail. I chose to tell the truth. Graham Kelly, FA chief executive, after speaking for Blissett in his trial for grievous bodily harm over elbowing Torquay's John Uzzell. Kelly said he saw 200 similar challenges a week.

Referees throughout the country are outraged. . . Mr Kelly has not only undermined the authority of referees generally but he has also done a great disservice to the game. Association of Premier League and Football League Referees and Linesmen.

If I had a message to Barry it would be to stay as far away as possible. I will never, ever sell Barnet Football Club to any person who is going to employ Barry Fry because I think he is a bad egg. Stan Flashman, the Barnet chairman, on his former manager.

The fans around me were brilliant and kept buying me hot dogs, Waggon Wheels and cups of tea. Fry, after paying to stand on Halifax's terraces to watch Barnet.

We had a school of excellence that produced two players in 10 years. We have a Director of Coaching, Charles Hughes, who preaches the long ball and can't even kick one. Malcolm Allison.

Every now and then, when he does lose his temper, it will keep people in the seats. I am not concerned with the people who wear a coat and tie saying that he is not acting how we want him. Andre Agassi on the prospect of John McEnroe as United States Davis Cup captain.

It could save a second a lap. Liz McColgan on her new, short haircut.