Quotes of the week

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This is the longest I've been without a goal and it's getting harder to say that it doesn't bother me. Andy Cole, former Newcastle striker, who has gone nine games without scoring.

n To be honest, I never thought I'd have a chance to bring Andy Cole to Old Trafford. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager, after signing the striker for £7m.

n Every signing you make is a gamble - even if it's for five bob. But look at Andy's goal record, Some poeple would pay £10m for that. Ferguson.

n Some fan's won't forgive me. I understand they are upset because of how popular he is. Kevin Keegan, the Newcastle manager.

n I'm in charge, not you. If it doesn't work out I know what the bottom line is. If you want to to be manager of Newcastle, apply for the job. Keegan faces the fans' wrath over Cole's transfer.

n I wouldn't have gone to any other club. This is the only place I would have moved to. I was shocked, stunned even, that Kevin Keegan was prepared to let me go. Cole n I wish Andy better luck than I had. Garry Birtles, the former England striker whose move to Manchester United in 1980 proved a failure.

n I won't be a pawn in the hands of business or government; I'm vaccinated and immune to corruption. Pele, the newly sworn-in Minister of Sports, who remembered that in 1972 the military government wanted to use his image in a football tournament to gainpopular support for the regime.

n The man is obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic and it caused our club a lot of anxeity. Reg Burr, the Millwall chairman, on Ian Wright after the Arsenal striker accused some Millwall fans of being racist.

n He refused to let the players go to bed if he was losing money during a late-night gambling session. One time he owed me around £400 or so. He desperately wanted to play one-card turnovers for £230 a shot. I began stacking winning hands to reduce the debt to sensible levels. Malcom Macdonald, former England striker, remembers Peter Shilton's gambling problems.

Compiled by Rob McLean