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I think people understand that I'm normal. I have feelings like everyone else. I'm not a robot out there. Pete Sampras after his semi-final victory over Michael Chang to reach the Australian Open final in Melbourne.

I don't know if I was all that good. I never saw myself play, so how do I know? Sir Stanley Matthews, who is 80 years old on Wednesday.

I could double my wages at another club, but how much money do you need to be happy? Matthew Le Tissier, Southampton's playmaker.

I am already too fast and too skilful for anyone on earth, and though I'm not 21 until next month, I'll become world champion this year. Naseem Hamed, who retained the WBC international featherweight crown.

I can't necessarily make the players win, but I'm bloody sure they're going to try. They have got to be prepared to die because they are playing for their country. If I make them sick then so be it. I'll just show them where the bucket is. It's a tough world out there. David Lloyd, Britain's new Davis Cup captain, I don't even know where Portsmouth is. All I know is there are a lot of sailors who live there. Frank Maloney, the boxing promoter, denying he is set to take over the first division club.

n I don't feel like a hero. If I'm a hero to anyone it's to my niece. Mark Seay, the San Diego Chargers wide receiver, on saving his three-year-old niece's life by diving between her and a hail of gunfire from a drive-by gang shooting.