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I'll remember it for a long, long time. and I'm going to get pissed. Tomorrow we're visiting a vineyard, so I'll probably get pissed again. Mike Atherton's plans after England's first Test victory in Australia for eight years.

There must have been a few clubs smiling at the irony of a Liverpool manager complaining about a referee at Anfield. Joe Royle, the Everton manager, on an incident during the Merseyside derby.

Unless Wimbledon digs up the grass and lays down a slower surface, the men's champion in the year 2020 will be a seven-foot monster. David Lloyd, Great Britain's new Davis Cup captain.

Clearly, nobody cares about Davis Cup. I don't have to trash the Davis Cup. It's trashing itself. Sampras says he's too busy to play, and I don't understand where that's coming from. John McEnroe If the corruption problem is not dealt with and it lingerson and festers, it will become a cancer. It will become a cancer that will eventually kill the sport. Howard Wilkinson, Leeds manager.

There is talk about new signings but I believe I am a new signing for the club. Paul Merson, the Arsenal player gives himself a clean bill of health.

You tend to go to Shane [Warne] all the time. But he is the goose that lays the golden egg and we must be careful not to kill him off. Allan Border, former Australian captain, on the overuse of a bowling phenomenon.