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n Perhaps I shouldn't have got involved, but we have a few wild ones and when I saw this guy running at the English supporters with something in his hand, I grabbed him and told him to piss off. I was seething. We've been all over, the World Cups in Italy and the United States, the European Championships in Germany, and never a hint of trouble. Jack Charlton, Republic of Ireland football manager, on the riot in Dublin.

n Gary Lineker should stick to eating crisps with Terry [Venables]. Alan Sugar, Tottenham chairman, angry over the former England striker's interview with Jrgen Klinsmann.

n I have it on the highest authority that he is finished at Arsenal. The game yesterday [against Leicester last Saturday] was his last in charge. Garth Crooks, the former Tottenham player, convinced that George Graham is about to be dismissed as manager.

n People try this case like it was the worst case in the world. Of course sport is not to fight, it's to make friends. He has to be punished but not banished from football. Pele on Cantona

n They're all at each other's throats. It's all deadly serious. It's become a circus. Look at Eubank's last fight. He came in on this bleedin' great crane. I was hoping and praying the crane broke down 'cos I'd have loved to see how they got him out. Henry Cooper, former European heavyweight champion.

n It's all he can do. Either he fights or he risks dying in the gutter. Floyd Patterson, former world heavyweight champion, on Mike Tyson's prospects when he leaves jail.

n Mike Tyson has no real choice but to box for me. I'm the man who made him $16m in the last two fights when he wasn't even champion. How else is he going to pay for more Lamborghinis and Cadillacs? By going to college? Don King, fight promoter.

n If I wasn't bound by a code of conduct, I could name so many players in the present Pakistan team who have been bribed to lose matches. Aamir Sohail, Pakistan Test batsman.

n I could beat Italy's doubles team tomorrow. John McEnroe, former world No 1 tennis player, contemplating a comeback in the Davis Cup.