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nEric's problems can only be solved by Eric. Bobby Charlton on Cantona.

nI would have cut off his testicles. Brian Clough on Cantona.

nI don't think this is the end and, from my perspective there's no way George Graham will be a scapegoat. There may be a fair bit of pain to go through yet and I don't know why I feel like the man who shot Bambi. Rick Parry, chief executive of the Premier League.

nHe [Graham] cannot be labelled guilty of any offence. We have not determined guilt, we have determined the facts, Sir John Quinton, the League board's chairman.

n If an employee of a football club commits a financial irregularity then they should be sacked and that club should be punished as we were in 1990 when we were relegated. But it is clear there is one rule for the bigger, richer clubs and a different one for the smaller ones. Ray Hardman, Swindon Town chairman.

n It was easier than I expected. Frank Bruno after his 65 second win over Rodolfo Marin last Saturday.

n It was disgraceful. Every one of our team stopped. It was such a bad decision you can't call it a decision. It used to be difficult to get a throw-in at Anfield, and it's becoming the same here. Francis Lee, Manchester City chairman, disputes a goal by Newcastle in the the FA Cup last Sunday.

n The mistake I made was not getting the hell out of the hotel bar about two hours earlier than I did and going straight to bed. Vinnie Jones, in trouble after biting the nose of a journalist.

n Until they sort themselves out, I wonder whether they should be allowed to play world cricket. Ian Botham, on the Pakistan bribery scandal,

n I'm not a pussycat. I'll beat the living daylights out of him [Riddick Bowe]. Herbie Hide, who defends his the World Boxing Organistion title next month.

Rob McLean