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n On this form we will not go far. We simply need more oomph from everyone. Jack Rowell, England rugby union manager, after the first two games of the World Cup.

n British sides tend to talk a good game. We prefer to do our talking on the field. Laurie Mains, New Zealand coach, after victory over Wales.

n It's a cultural problem, let's admit it. You just can't get into their heads. The players don't need a coach, they need a psychiatrist. Georges Coste, Italian coach, after defeat to Western Samoa.

n There's a lot of narcissists in this team, guys waiting around to make a big play for selfish reasons. Pierre Berbizier, French coach, after mediocre victory over Tonga.

n Of course we had a plan. It was to tackle him. Gerry Murphy, Irish coach, on Jonah Lomu, after defeat to New Zealand.

n The selectors didn't come from the right schools. Liam Botham, on not being picked for the North cricket team.

n I was monster, monster shocked. I am monster, monster happy. Eric Hall, Dennis Wise's agent, at the dismissal of the case against his client for assault and criminal damage.