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n It was like the Falklands crisis. I was counting them in and counting them out. Jack Rowell, England manager, after the bruising RU World Cup win over Western Samoa.

n If you can't take a punch, you should play table tennis. Pierre Berbizier, French coach, after Scottish complaints following the physically challenging match between the two sides.

n It was so grim and so slow. Wales are down there with the minnows of the world. J J Williams, former Wales star, after defeat to Ireland had put the current side out of the World Cup.

n Most people feel very sorry for us - and that is more painful than any other type of reaction. Vernon Pugh, Welsh RU president.

n If I was a punter, I wouldn't pay to watch England on Sunday. I just can't see how people enjoy it... The Aussies love to hate the English and the English love to hate me for the way I play. They get upset about me because you're not supposed to smile when you play rugby. David Campese, Australian wing, gets the traditional pre-match verbals underway.

n It was like playing Gulliver. Adrian Voinea, of Romania (6ft 1in), after losing to the 5ft 9in Michael Chang in the French Open.

n It would be sad if we stood there with just 10,000 on the downs and realised we'd made the biggest mistake of all time. Edward Gillespie, managing director of Epsom's owners, United Racecourses, on the Derby's move to Saturday.

n Put it this way, when I woke up on Sunday morning I wasn't jumping about waiting to see if my name was on Teletext. Richard Illingworth, on his recall to the England cricket team for the first Test.

n This is as bad as we've ever been. It's incredible. I've never been involved in a game like that. Jack Charlton, Ireland manager, after his side's 0-0 draw in Liechtenstein.