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n I watched the ball go over in disbelief. Rob Andrew on the kick that beat Australia.

n You should see them all down there. The wives are in tears, the president is in tears, and several players are overcome. I saw the president with tears in his eyes, kissing the captain. I've got this on video. It's worth a fortune. This was the most emotional experience I've ever had. Jack Rowell, England manager.

n I've never seen a kick like it. Rob's had lots of offers from all the boys to do whatever he likes tonight with whoever he likes. You might say that he's rather popular. Will Carling.

n That kick was about as good as they get. Just take a look at the faces of the different sides at the final whistle. What a picture that made. Michael Lynagh, Australia's captain.

n I can't take any more, I just can't. When I get this season over, that's it for me. I'm finished. You are not just fighting the American athletes, you have got to fight inside your own camp as well. Linford Christie, on ITV's Sport in Question.

n The only thing I could say to Linford would be, do it because you want to do it. Don't let anyone run you out. If you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Carl Lewis.

n When I saw I was ahead with 10 laps to go I started to cry. Jean Alesi, who won the Canadian Grand Prix.

n I don't see it, I just don't see it. Pele, when asked if any of the current England football team would be picked for Brazil.

n I've quite enjoyed this little break away from football. George Graham, the former Arsenal manager.