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n Call the supervisor, please, I've got a big beef. Jeff Tarango, American tennis player, before being defaulted at Wimbledon.

n You are the most corrupt official in the game. Tarango berates the umpire, Bruno Rebeuh.

n I can't believe he did that at Wimbledon. He may be in for a big vacation. John McEnroe on the Tarango incident.

n Tennis needs Monica [Seles] The players need it . The media needs it. The tour needs it. I need it. I need a challenge. Steffi Graf.

n It was dangerous and unsporting. I think he did it deliberately and if he does it again I know what to do. Michael Schumacher attacks Damon Hill for dangerous driving at the French Grand Prix.

n I honestly felt Paul [Ince] would stay. I phoned him three times and I couldn't believe it when he told me he was leaving. Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, after losing his midfield player to Internazionale.

n One of the articles in the paper this time said I was short, fat, bald and ugly. I didn't get that criticism a few years ago. Andre Agassi on the change in newspaper coverage since his first Wimbledon.

n I don't think there's been any effect. It's tough to slow the tennis down here. I mean, you can't come to Wimbledon and say 'We're going to slow the tennis this year'. It's impossible. Goran Ivanisevic on the introduction of slower balls.

n I took the new racket, won the next couple of points and won the set. I'm going to break a racket every time if it's going to bring me luck. Ivanisevic on abusing his equipment, for which he was fined $500 (pounds 322).

n I'm happy with the way it behaved but the question is, when you prepare a pitch like this are you doing it for the West Indies' attack or England's. Mike Hirst, the chairman of Warwickshire's grounds committee, defends the Edgbaston pitch which is giving English batsmen problems.

Rob McLean