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n Even two weeks ago I would not have anticipated the decision we took. Vernon Pugh, chairman of IRB amateurism working party, bids farewell to rugby union's amateurism.

n There is a real concern over whether the game will change its fundamental character and lose its special ethos. Pugh sees the dangers ahead.

n There will be club secretaries around the country wondering where the money is going to come from. Barry John counts the possible cost of professionalism.

n I'll probably go and drink quite a lot. Ian Woosnam doesn't make the Ryder Cup.

n You want to stay there until the captain declares. Brian Lara is not satisfied with a mere 179.

n We lost 2-1. Mick Harford follows the Kenny Dalglish example when asked what went wrong against Bolton.

n The game is a lot faster than it was in Italy. David Platt admits he's struggling on his return.

n I've worked my nuts off for Tottenham, scheming and fighting. And I don't get a penny for it. Alan Sugar has had enough.

n Sugar only ever talks about money, he's never talks about football. Jurgen Klinsmann give his opinion on the man.

n I wouldn't wash my car with this now. Sugar donates his Klinsmann shirt.

n We'd deal with anybody, whether they were Asian, Eskimo or a one-eyed black lesbian saxophone player. Jim Oliver, the Partick Thistle chairman, denying accusations of racism in his attempts to sell the club.

n I'd like to create a more approachable personality for myself. If I'm ever reincarnated, I'd like to return as a personality. Howard Wilkinson, the Leeds United manager, at his most personable.

n Some players will have no other job. They will no longer be able to miss a game because they want to attend a wedding. Will Carling sounds the death knell of the occasional Saturday off for many a fellow Harlequin.

n There are agents who'll send you tapes of Carlos Kickabout or something and you are supposed to look at it, watch him score three goals and two days later have him signed. Alan Sugar at his most imaginative.

Richard Wetherell