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n You don't practise an abandon ship, but panic is not something you see. It was terrible to see a lot of foul-weather gear floating on top of the surface and a few oneAustralia hats, and nothing else. John Bertrand, who watched his boat, oneAustralia, sink off San Diego in the America's Cup.

n I'll be there to shake Ron's hand. Whether he'll shake mine I don't know. Doug Ellis, the Aston Villa chairman who sacked Ron Atkinson, before last Monday's reunion in the Premiership.

n My dad rang me from Vancouver - he couldn't believe the scoreline. He thought there was a misprint on television. Craig Forrest, the Ipswich goalkeeper, who let in nine goals at Manchester United.

n There are no easy games in the Premiership - except Ipswich at home. Alan Shearer putting United's 9-0 win in perspective.

n I have told everyone I'm going to be a legend. I'm a prince who is about to be a king. The three words I like to hear about myself are "ultimate, supreme, extraordinary". Boxer "Prince" Naseem Hamed after his win over Sergio Liendo.

n Eric Cantona got banned for kicking the living daylights out of a fan and I get the same for throwing a bloody vegetable on the pitch. Craig Allen, the Bolton Wanderers fan who was banned for three months for throwing a turnip in the direction of Graham Taylor, the Wolves manager.

Compiled by Rob McLean