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n What are you going to do about it - put a knife in my back? Andre Agassi after being confronted by a fan at the Hamburg Open.

n I don't care what people are saying. All that matters is I've got another chance at the title and I'm going to take it with both hands. I can't wait. Frank Bruno after knocking out Mike Evans in the second round.

n I always felt it was going to be my lucky day. Kenny Dalglish, Blackburn Rovers manager, after winning the Premiership title.

n It doesn't matter whether he's had Jack Walker's money or not, he's still had to spend it the right way and he's done a tremendous job, brilliant. Roy Evans, the Liverpool manager, on Dalglish.

n I've had a love for the game since I was six or seven and that will be there when I'm 97. Glenn Hoddle plays his last game.

n It's the same old story, all the money is spent on the officials and none on the competitors. Martin Bell, Britain's leading downhill skier, retires due to lack of funds.

n Illy hasn't got a clue what the players of today go through. Ian Botham on Ray Illingworth, England's cricket supremo.

n If the managers in question were dogs or cats, the RSPCA would have put them down by now. Howard Wilkinson, the Leeds manager, on managers under the threat of dismissal.

n I did not want Alan [Smith] to resign. I would have preferred to see Ron Noades squirm. Gareth Southgate, Crystal Palace captain, backs manager rather than chairman.

n I've told the players if anyone is sober when they get on the plane they will be in trouble. Mick Gooding, one half of the Reading management team, on his squad's holiday trip to Lanzarote before the First Division play-off final at Wembley.

Rob McLean