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n I don't know if I will play again. Paul Gascoigne.

n In life, if anyone sacks you, you're offered compensation. That's all I'm looking for as I'm too big to be sacked. Gascoigne.

n He will only return to Rome as a tourist. Sergio Cragnotti, the Lazio supremo

n Now we will have a large chunk of our ambition and income taken away by overseas mercenaries. Chris Wilkinson, British tennis player, on Canadian- born Greg Rusedski's clearance to play for Britain in the Davis Cup

n Even when I'm done with playing, at 30, 32 or so, this is going to be the place where I live until the day I die. Rusedski, Britain's new No 1 tennis player.

n He [Thomas Muster] chokes in the big event. John McEnroe dismisses the Austrian's chances of winning the French Open despite his perfect 28-0 match record on clay this year.

n The Cantona situation cost us everything. Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, after losing the FA Cup to Everton.

n The second he's brave enough, big enough and gets a bloody shave and doesn't walk like a spiv, then I'll sue him if he repeats it. Brian Clough, talking about Alan Sugar's High Court allegations that he took a "bung'' during the Teddy Sheringham transfer deal.

n Everybody knows about Brian Clough's current condition. Alan Sugar, Spurs' chairman, in response to the former Nottingham Forest manager.

n The suggestion that Michael [Atherton] had a team foisted upon him is, frankly, a lot of crap. Ray Illingworth, chairman of selectors.

n We have got to remind our bowlers that there are six balls in an over. Ray Illingworth, England's cricket supremo.

n I'd like to give praise to Allah, because without Allah this wouldn't be happening. Mike Tyson, who hasconverted to Islam, and fights fellow American Peter McNeeley on 19 August.

Rob McLean