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You strive all your life to get a feeling like tonight. Alex Ferguson, Man Utd manager, after his side had received the Premier League trophy following victory over Blackburn.

I think the party should start right now. Public address announcement at Old Trafford after the teams were read out before the Blackburn game.

Tell Alex Ferguson we are on the way. Kevin Keegan, Newcastle United manager, promoted as First Division champions to the Premier League.

Maybe the Australians were trying to get him into the team. Ted Dexter, chairman of England selectors, comments on Radio 5 on Ian Botham's 2 for 29 for the Duchess of Norfolk's XI against Australia.

It was intended as a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek reply which somehow went wrong. Dexter backtracks.

A mental midget, a weasel, a snake and a back-stabber. I'm dealing with a pugilistic pygmy, a treacherous incompetent. Don King, Tony Tucker's manager, on Frank Maloney, Lennox Lewis's manager.

Before he started insulting me, I was completely unknown in this country. Now people stop me for my autograph. Maloney.

God may save the Queen, but no one's going to save Lennox Lewis. Tucker, who fights Lewis tonight.