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If he sneezes at 11, he'll have double pneumonia by six. Peter Burge, second Test match referee, on the media and Mike Atherton.

Those few seconds seemed like half an hour. Jos Verstappen, of Benetton, after the pit-lane fireball which engulfed him and the crew during the German Grand Prix.

People said I was crazy to go to Ferrari again because they will never do it, but we proved we can do it. Gerhard Berger, Hockenheim winner.

The greatest thing, apart from winning the championship, is winning at Monza for Ferrari but I don't want to die there. Berger on the next grand prix, in Italy.

Are there any diving schools in London? Jurgen Klinsmann, Spurs' new striker.

The Welsh are the worst in Britain when it comes to upholding the amateur status. The hyprocrisy of it all sucks. Players and officials keep on covering up what's going on. Every player in Wales knows that when you play on a Saturday if you win you can get a few quid. Players get the cash after the game. Scott Gibb, former Welsh rugby union international, on payments to club players.