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I think it just hit me. Justin Leonard, Open champion, in tears during his speech.

I'd love to pull out some hickory shafts and get a mashie niblick, but I don't think my equipment company makes those clubs. Leonard.

The old petrol light has been flashing for about five years and now I know the tank is empty. Graham Gooch , who retires today.

Write it down: today Jan Ullrich won the Tour de France. Rudy Pevenage, Ullrich's assistant team manager, after a successful Alpine stage to Morzine last Monday.

It felt like someone was stubbing a burning cigarette in my back. Chris Boardman, after riding with damaged vertebrae the day before abandoning the Tour.

The man has been a disgrace to the game. You couldn't print what I think of him. Richard Saunders, disabled referee's assistant, on Ian Wright, whom he alleges mocked his disability.

When people think of Italy, after the Mafia and pizza, they think of Milan. Silvio Berlusconi, Milan president.

Cash is not what I want most of all. What I really want is to be a winner again. Damon Hill discusses his future.

I should have killed him. Steve Collins' life is not more important than my career. Chris Eubank, on losing his title to Collins in 1995.

Any comments from anyone that refer to death in the ring fill me with horror and anger. John Morris, general secretary, British Boxing Board of Control.

Every time I think human behaviour can't sink any lower, I'm proved wrong. Jim Thomas, Evander Holyfield's lawyer, on discovering that the piece of his client's ear bitten off by Mike Tyson is up for auction.