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Tony Blair said to me: `Get in there and liven it up', and I'm going to do precisely that. Tony Banks, Minister of Sport, on his suggestions to form a United Kingdom football team and for players to turn out for the country they are playing in.

Picking the England side is a matter for Glenn Hoddle. Tony Banks is certainly livening things up. Downing Street statement.

My mind is very, very open and so is my mouth - as you've probably gathered. Hopefully I can synchronise them. Banks.

There has been too much sloppiness and disregard for money. The golden tit, me, won't go on forever. Jack Hayward, Wolverhampton Wanderers owner, in what appeared to be an attack on his manager, Mark McGhee.

The tickets disappeared like snow off a dyke. Kevin Collins, Kilmarnock secretary, after his club's 23,000 Scottish Cup final ticket allocation sold out in a few hours.

It was clear to us that if Dick stayed the team would fall apart. Senior Harlequins player, on the departure of director of rugby Dick Best in a display of player-power.