Quotes of the week

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n He reduced this golf course to nothing. Jack Nicklaus on Tiger Woods' Masters victory.

n Tiger has never met anyone as mentally strong as himself and he never will. Woods' father, Earl.

n I didn't realise Joyce was there. It was like a shadow going past. Liz McColgan, beaten by one second in the London Marathon by Joyce Chepchumba.

n It makes you feel like they are conspiring against you. Liverpool were the worst. They saw it as their main chance. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager, suspecting a plot behind the Premier League's refusal to extend the season.

n I told them all - the butlers, the chambermaids, everybody - to have the day off and go and watch the game. I even had to make my own lunch. The Duke of Devonshire, president of Chesterfield, on the FA Cup semi- final against Middlesbrough.

n Are you watching, Mansfield? Chesterfield's 23,000 fans during the FA Cup semi-final.