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The police opened fire on us. I have five wounds. Manchester United fan, after the European Cup quarter- final in Oporto.

I saw one woman of about 45 battered by the police. There was blood pouring from her head. Most of the people around me were middle-aged fans - no one was causing any trouble. The riot police were completely indiscriminate. Richard Cross, football writer and part of the United fans' contingent.

There is a small group of influential people in the RFU who wish to break up the Five Nations. There are people who think England will never win the World Cup playing in the Five Nations. I will fight this tooth and nail. Fran Cotton, Lions manager and soon to be RFU member.

Fran Cotton's comments defy belief and leave us to query his motives. We have never expressed any wish to withdraw from the Five Nations. John Richardson, RFU president.

We use every stumbling block as a stepping stone. Sam Hammam, the Wimbledon FC chairman, gets his metaphors in a twist.