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n It's a victory for common sense. Grey is a dreadful colour. George Cohen, a member of the 1966 World Cup winners, is happy England are reverting to red shirts for the change strip.

n There's a line of thought that some fandangled medical treatment in a chamber helps it heal quicker. David Lloyd, the England cricket coach, gives a less than technical explanation about Nasser Hussain's plans to use an oxygen chamber for his broken finger.

n I can imagine a few heads are coming off out there and that the toys are being thrown out of the prams. Nobody likes getting their arse kicked hole after hole. Greg Turner describes the reaction to conditions in the Scottish Open at Carnoustie.

n The English game is different. You have to give 100 per cent all the time. Ruud Gullit warns Gianluca Vialli what to expect when he plays for Chelsea.

n If Damon wins he will equal my 20 victories but I have two world championships so doesn't that tell you something? Michael Schumacher fights back off the track.