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His comments probably come from eating too many hamburgers with English meat. World No 2 tennis player, Thomas Muster, after Andre Agassi accused him of being paranoid that the men's circuit is geared towards suiting Americans.

If I'd seen us give the opposition five openings like that I'd be more worried about my team. Terry Venables, England coach, responds to criticism from the Croatia coach, Miroslav Blazevic, who branded England's performance as sterile and predictable.

You suffer, your family suffers and all you feel like are anti-depressant drugs. Ian Woosnam, who came close to quitting golf because of his poor form.

I didn't give him any respect because he didn't deserve any. I'm good left-handed, I've made 90 breaks playing that way. In fact, I'm better left-handed than he is right-handed. Ronnie O'Sullivan, who hit some shots left-handed while beating Alain Robidoux 10-3 in the Embassy World Snooker Championship, reacts to complaints from the French Canadian that he had been disrespectful to a fellow professional.

I'll come to England and wave it under Geoff Hurst's nose. Helmut Haller, former German international, who claims to have the football used in the 1966 World Cup final.