Quotes of the week

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n I don't know if I got it from a girl or fighting. Four or five years ago I was a big, tough guy thinking I was bulletproof. I didn't listen to Magic Johnson. Tommy Morrison, on testing HIV positive.

n I'm praying for him. He has been in some great fights, but this is the biggest. This is a wake-up call for everyone. Lennox Lewis on Morrison.

n I'm grateful for my pounds 4m. That's the going rate. But if Sky are doing pay-per-view it could put a different complexion on my gratefulness. Frank Bruno, on Sky's proposals for his fight against Mike Tyson.

n They might as well write out all the cheques out to Stephen [Hendry] at the start of the season. He's that far ahead of everyone else, Ian Doyle, Hendry's manager, after his client won the Benson and Hedges Masters title.

n He was the greatest manager of all time. Kevin Keegan on the late Bob Paisley.

n He was one of the old school of managers. They couldn't survive now with all the people that are in the game and all the villains there are about. Emlyn Hughes, former Liverpool captain.

n Shanks built the team and Bob carried it on. People say it was easy to take over the reins. Look at what happened to Souness. He took over the reins and the horses ran wild. Stan Boardman, Liverpool comedian.

n British lion: weak in the paw, long in the tail. England walked to the gallows like criminals rather than martyrs. There must be a better pair of hands in inter-school cricket than this bunch of Englishmen. Indian Express, after England's World Cup defeat by New Zealand.