Quotes of the week

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n I guess I was always nearest the goal. Ferenc Puskas on being named "Goalscorer of the Century".

n I have to ask - would this have happened if I had been a white bowler? Devon Malcolm on his treatment by England this winter.

n That is an offensive remark. We always pick the best possible players and take no account of any other element. Richard Little, spokesman for the Test and County Cricket Board.

n Malcolm... has not alleged that either the TCCB or the tour management discriminated against him on account of race but felt that he had been treated harshly on tour. Devon Malcolm's reference to colour, as reported, was in the context of his trying to understand the reasons for his treatment and was one of several reasons considered by him. Malcolm's legal representatives seek to clarify the player's position.

n Nigel's career has come to a full stop up there, with us he's got a couple of chances of going to Wembley. He'll have to take a pay cut, but he won't need to play in the Pontins League again. Barry Fry, the Birmingham manager, trying to persuade Nigel Clough to leave Liverpool for St Andrew's.

n He'll be a treat for our fans. We are delighted to have signed him. Alan Ball beats Fry in the transfer market as Clough signs for Manchester City.

n At best we could have found ourselves a new player, at worst it's someone for Andrei Kanchelskis to talk to. Joe Royle, the Everton manager, on the arrival on trial of the Russian international Igo Dobrovolski.

n I'm the No 2 and I'm prepared to give him clear way if asked to do so. Eddie Irvine on the pecking order at Ferrari alongside Michael Schumacher next season.

n It seemed that they almost wanted me to fail. I even felt persecuted at one point because they wrote that I should go home because I wasn't good enough for Italy. Paul Ince, the England midfielder, on the Italian media.